Welcome to a blog like no other…or was it ‘like many others’…?

Thanks for trying to find out about this site…

The problem is, I’ve really no idea what to tell you.


You Love Thatsh! was a blog I started in late 2008, with a view to providing my no doubt highly-valuable opinion on any number of matters. While reaction to the site was always a little bit mixed, it is responsible for a number of things. For one, it’s given me something of a diary as to what exactly I’ve been doing these last few years. Secondly, it’s provided others with a diary as to what exactly I’ve been doing. Finally though, and most bizarrely, it’s been responsible for me actually genuinely getting a few instances of decent customer service after giving out, long before taking to Facebook and Twitter was really seen as a way to get somewhere with a company.


So, after a brief re-design (there’s a bit of the old site, up above – and there was also a previous version to this, though it looked similar) from something that used to look like a wooden table with a bunch of junk on it, to this design we have now, I’m carrying on the good fight.


To learn more, go back to the menu there (also up above) and click on any of the other options that drop down from the handy-dandy ‘About’ section that you used to get here.

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