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About Andy

Hi!I’m Andy:)

Having spent years pioneering the cheapest possible methods to get from A to B in the most survivable comfort, Andy has more recently had something of a luxury travel revelation and conversion, and now atones for his sins of the backpacking past by overspending on premium travel experiences, failing to make the most of the miles & points game and taking flights only that involve a stop at a lounge along the way.

Senior Product Manager (for JobStreet Education, check us out!) by day, Wanderluster by evening and Expert Fit-It-All-In Traveller by weekend, Andy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – lapping up the beautiful beaches, spectacular sunrises and – until now – amazing airfares of South-East Asia.

Want to know more about me (I promise I don't reply in the third-person) – let's connect over e-mail;