>  Planning A Trip? Allow Me…

Planning A Trip? Allow Me…

You’ve read the blog – you know by now that I know, love, study and vociferously complain about hotels, tours and flights all over the world. So why not let me help you plan your next trip?


That’s right, Window Seat Fanatics from all over the world – I can now help get that trip locked down for you, at no extra cost to what you would have paid for your hotel by booking direct.


In many cases, I can sort you out with additional free amenities and benefits like;

  • Complimentary Room Upgrade
  • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Resort/Spa Credit
  • VIP Welcome (or WSP Welcome, as I prefer to call it!)


I’ll handle the booking and make sure the hotel knows to expect a Window Seat Preferrer before you arrive, so the metaphorical (or actual) red carpet can be rolled out!


I can help whether you need trip planning, or whether you’re just booking a hotel, and want to make sure you’re getting any benefits that might be available.

Let’s Get Started! Give Me A Shout – WhatsApp or E-Mail*

*An actual shout may not work, depending on location
Qatar Airways Business Class 787-8 Seat

What’s The Catch

There is none – you will get the same rate for your hotel, or for any trips you’re considering as you can find yourself online. Working with our travel agency partners, Fora – who in turn work with top programs like Virtuoso, Hilton Impresario, Preferred Platinum, Hyatt Prive, SLH and many more – I will book on your behalf, and reach out to the hotel or tour guide company directly to secure status befitting Window Seat Royalty.


What Do I Get?

The joy and satisfaction of seeing a fellow Window Seat Fanatic getting the upgrades and royal treatment they so rightly deserve. And, in all honesty, a small commission from the hotel or tour company.


Also, while I can help source the right flights at the best possible price for you, sadly there is neither additional benefits available – nor the said modest commission.


Benefits Disclaimer

If you know one thing from reading this blog, it’s that I am not shy about vocalising my opinion – so you can bet I’ll work hard on securing top tier benefits for loyal fans. But, it goes without saying, extension of benefits is limited by suppliers’ ultimate availability.

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Shangri-La Executive Suite