>  Planning A Trip? Allow An Expert.

Planning A Trip? Allow An Expert.

Did you know that you too can travel like a true Window Seat Fantatic, and enjoy leading travel planning expertise and amazing hotel benefits like complimentary room upgrades, late check-out and much more – at absolutely no extra cost – just by booking with Window Seat Preferred's very own Travel Grandmaster?


Get in touch today if you're thinking about planning a far-flung adventure, a group booking, theme park or cruise trips, or even just a few nights' somewhere – basically, anything – and let our travel expert, Steve Michailidis (travel consultant of choice for Window Seat Preferrers) give you the VIP treatment.

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What Benefits Can I Expect?

Benefits vary by property, but generally you can look forward to benefits like complimentary room upgrade, early check-in/late check-out, resort/spa credit, and a VIP (or WSP, as I like to call it) Welcome.

Steve will handle all aspects of the booking for you and make sure the hotel knows to expect a Window Seat Preferrer before you arrive, so the metaphorical (or actual) red carpet can be rolled out!


What’s The Catch

There is none – you will get the same rate for your hotel, or for any trips you’re considering as you can find yourself online. Working with top travel trade partner programs like Virtuoso, Hilton Impresario, Preferred Platinum, Hyatt Prive, SLH and many more – Steve will book on your behalf, and reach out to the hotel or tour guide company directly to secure status befitting Window Seat Royalty.


Is This Only For Special/Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips?

Every trip is a special trip, but no, the WSP Travel Grandmaster can be as involved as much or as little as you want – everything from you just need a hotel booked and the benefits to go with it, all the way to a year-long global adventure, and everything in between!

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