>  Let’s Collab! (Is That What We Say?)

Let's Collab! (Is That What We Say?)

You’ve read the blog, you’ve seen the glossy, carefully curated social media and metrics, and are wondering how we can collaborate? Read on to find out how you can upgrade your brand or company’s exposure to a travel-hungry global audience.


Window Seat Preferred is a travel blog all about reviewing mid/upscale and above travel experiences – tours, flights, destinations, and accommodation.


If you represent any of the above and want to see how we can work together – then get in touch!

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Window Seat Preferred – Audience Details

Window Seat Preferred consolidated (i.e. website + social media) audience is primarily based in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia & Singapore. Readers to the blog primarily visit from organic search, followed by direct traffic – and are generally seeking out specific property, flight or experience reviews or opinions (i.e. best rooms, etc.).


As a time of preparation (December 2022), additional social media metrics as follows;

Instagram – 14.8K Followers

Twitter – 6.8K Followers


Full website analytics details available on request, and as part of advanced collaboration discussions only.

Get Upgraded – WhatsApp or E-Mail*

Editorial Standards

Window Seat Fanatics want authenticity, honest reviews – calling out when something is exceptional, and when something is not. That is an editorial stance the blog doesn’t shy away from in any situation – including partnership/collaboration scenarios. All partnership content will be distributed for review in advance.


Where payment is received in exchange for, or in consideration of, a product or service, this will be disclosed to readers/followers. In addition, we reserve the right to decline any collaboration opportunity, as deemed fit, at any time prior to execution.